Barcelona euro games

The actual dates are between 24 and 27 of July. An amazing event which will involve more 30,000 people and which for a few days will transform Barcelona into the authentic European capital of sport and gay and lesbian culture.

Although EuroGames is the biggest athletic event for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, it is opened to everyone who wishes to participate, regardless of gender, age, race, sexual preference etc. The participants come from all areas of Europe, and even outside the continent.

EuroGames Barcelona 2008 will consist of 28 sporting events together with a range of cultural and leisure activities based in and around the city. The event will make its mark on Barcelona for a few days as more than 5,000 sporting participants descend upon the city from all corners of Europe. The competition covers all sports from traditional to more unusual ones like rollerblading and floorball, although it is more than just a sporting competition.


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As from the words of Maria Ruiz, the Vice President of EuroGames Barcelona 2008, one of the most ambitious purposes at the EuroGames Barcelona 08 is to involve lesbian women in all competitions and all other cultural events in order to get an equal representation of male and female participants.

She reminds how this world has been created by men and that in sports, as in many other aspects of life, women have suffered a long and silent battle to finish this discrimination. ON the same note, sports have always been considered as a men’s practice, not appropriate enough for women.

EuroGames Barcelona 08 is an opportunity to break these barriers that pretend to distinguish between male and female sports and an opportunity to tear apart gender labels.

The vice president invites women who want to fight for equality, visibility and recognition in society, and especially, in sports, to participate and identify with this great sportive, cultural and equality event. She encourages everybody to join and participate with partners, friends, family…

Eurogames brings the homosexual community together through cultural activities as well. In fact, there will be two days full of sport, culture, debates and fun. At the EuroGames Barcelona 2008 you’ll be able to take part in the sport of your choice. You can choose from a total of 28 different events.

The opening and closing ceremonies will be held at the recently-opened Barcelona’s Olympic and Sports Museum. The event will be closed by a Bid Party in the Park of the Forum.

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